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Raise Your Ice IQ



When properly applied, Ice Melt is proven to reduce slip and fall accidents, protect curb appeal, and decrease maintenance expenses.

Winter weather can be beautiful, producing landscapes right out of a postcard. Winter storms also bring sleet, wind, and ice—damaging buildings and grounds and creating hazardous conditions for residents, visitors, and the maintenance team. Taking a proactive approach to protect walkways and driveways reduces the chances of accidents and limits weather-related wear and tear on amenities, facilities, and landscaping.


Choose an Ice Melt product that is specially formulated to combat the three biggest effects of harsh winter weather on multifamily properties. When used properly, Ultra Ice Melt will:

Man Walking On Ice
Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents
House With Curb Appeal
  Protect Curb Appeal  
Tractor Removing Snow Off The Road
  Decrease Maintenance Expenses  

Q – How does Ultra Ice Melt reduce slip and fall risk?

When used as directed, the specially formulated ingredients in Ultra Ice Melt products react to moisture, generating heat while, at the same time, lowering the freezing point of surface water. This powerful combination of exothermic (heat generating) and endothermic (lowering the freezing point) effects delivers immediate, long-lasting melt. This reduces ice and snow hazards that lead to accidents.


Q – How does Ultra Ice Melt protect curb appeal and reduce maintenance expenses?

When surface water takes longer to freeze and accumulated snow melts faster, causing less wear and tear to buildings and hard surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. Fewer and shorter freezes mean communities are better protected and look fresher longer. Be sure to choose the right Ultra Ice Melt product for each application:

UltraGLOWTM Ice Melt

Fast acting and long lasting

Works to -15°F

Minimizes corrosion

Safer for plants and pets*


UltraPROTM Premium Ice Melt

Immediate and extended melting action

Melting action to -25°F

Corrosion-inhibiting formula is safer for concrete, sidewalks, and pavers.  

When grounds and facilities have better protection, maintenance teams spend less time cleaning up ice and snow or repairing storm damage and more time taking care of resident concerns. And, once the weather warms up, grounds crews can focus on refreshing curb appeal instead of repairs.


Q – When is the RIGHT time to BUY and APPLY Ultra Ice Melt?

Having Ice Melt on hand before you need it is always the right call, because the proper application of Ultra Ice Melt happens in 3 stages.

  1. Pre-treat BEFORE icing occurs. This reduces ice buildup and makes shoveling easier.
  2. Apply DURING storms to lower the freezing temp of surface water and limit ice buildup.
  3. Reapply AFTER storms to melt ice accumulation and clear walkways, driveways, and parking areas faster.


Customer Perspective

“You can never buy it too early… Availability can be an issue if you wait too long. Ice Melt won’t go bad, so it never hurts to have extra for next year.”

Steve Wilhelm, Village at Stonefalls, courtesy Tyler Anderson, Territory Manager in Columbus, OH


*PET TIP: Is Ultra Ice Melt safe for pets?

Ultra Ice Melt products have not been specifically tested for pet safety. However, there are a few factors that should be considered when choosing a product that is friendlier for pets.

  • Products that generate heat may cause burning on paws.
  • Calcium chloride tends to be the biggest issue, and UltraGLOW does not contain calcium chloride.
  • Material that is too large may get stuck in paw pads.



Chadwell Supply would like to thank Steve Wilhelm from Village at Stonefalls, David Powers from Prime Residential, and John Rouse from Channingway Apartments for offering their perspective on the benefits and best use of Ice Melt.


For more tips, tricks, and product knowledge to help keep buildings and grounds safe and inviting, visit chadwellsupply.com/pk-grounds.

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