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Budget Friendly Renovation Ideas



Explore budget-friendly renovation ideas that not only save on capital but also boost property value and increase monthly income. Discover expert tips on updating kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, and security features. Elevate your property's appeal with timeless styles and modern finishes.

Whether you’re planning a room refresh, a unit-by-unit upgrade, or a full property renovation, getting the highest return with the lowest capital investment is the goal. Buying the least expensive items may help with up-front spending, but this often leads to increased maintenance and replacement costs, and it may not deliver the expected return on investment (ROI).

Budget will always be a deciding factor—the bottom line is the bottom line—but it is not the only deciding factor. Another important question is: “What is the desired ROI?”

Capital expenditures that deliver a reliable return include:

  • Replacing out-of-date styles with modern finishes
  • Choosing features that increase perceived value
  • Buying on-trend items to turn units faster
  • Getting reliable quality at an affordable price

Even big-ticket items like appliances and cabinets are budget-friendly renovation options when those updates drive additional revenue and reduce maintenance and repair costs. Our Renovations Experts put together a list of ideas that checks all those boxes.

Immediately Increase Perceived Value

Stainless steel is a timeless, high-quality finish that immediately increases the perceived value of everyone’s favorite room. Install updated plumbing fixtures and on-trend door pulls to fully transform the feel of a space.

Maximize Savings with Modern Style

Add a modern touch to existing sinks and showers with quality, cost-effective fixtures. Choose WaterSense® certified faucets and showerheads to significantly reduce per-unit water consumption.

Make Them Feel Right at Home

On-trend lighting fixtures brighten any room, and choosing the best temperature makes potential residents feel right at home. LED lighting lasts longer than other options, saving maintenance teams time, and switching to LED lighting can lead to lower utility costs for the unit and the entire property.

Deliver Added Security and Peace of Mind

From keyless entry to Smartkey technology, select entry hardware that delivers additional peace of mind. Protect every room with updated styles and finishes that residents are looking for.

As part of a comprehensive renovation strategy, these ideas help property owners and managers realize higher monthly incomes in the short term and a more competitive value at the time of sale.

Check out Chadwell Supply’s Renovations Idea Book for inspiration on your next upgrade. This carefully curated showcase of in-demand styles and popular features is designed to give properties a competitive advantage, help them turn a unit quickly, and deliver outstanding ROI—Check it out here!


For more budget-friendly renovations ideas, as well as tips on how to get the most from every property update, visit Product Knowledge: Renovations

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