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Be Ready for Rising Water

When storms come and water rises, seconds count. Multifamily maintenance teams need to be ready with a fast, effective flood response. That storm prep includes having the right plan in place and the right tools on hand to protect buildings and direct water away from shared spaces.

Storms can be unpredictable, leading to flooding that puts a community at risk for days after the bad weather passes. Having the right flood protection products on hand and knowing how to use them will help you protect your property and residents before, during, and after a big storm.

Water can rise surprisingly fast, flooding streets, parking areas, walkways, and corridors. Maintenance teams must respond as quickly and safely as possible. Flash flooding causes property damage and creates safety hazards in many places around the property all at once. Be prepared to fight flooding fast with Quick Dam.  

Fast-Acting Flood Protection

Quick Dam is next-generation flood protection. The grab and go combo kit includes 5 five-foot flood barriers and 10 flood bags. Each barrier or bag absorbs about 4 gallons of water, creating an immediate wall of protection that directs water away from walkways and keeps it out of buildings.

Quick Dam makes flood protection simple. No more filling and stacking heavy sandbags. Quick Dam barriers and bags can be pre-soaked, when you know the storm is coming, or they can be placed right in the path of the flood water. The specially designed Quick Dam flood barrier products begin to fill on contact with fresh water, creating proven protection against rising water in 10 minutes or less. Plus, Quick Dam is eco-friendly, pet friendly, and non-toxic.

When the flood is coming…

  • Presoak Quick Dam in fresh water
  • Lay out bags as directed

When water is already running high and fast…

  • Place in the path of the rising water
  • Quick Dam immediately activates

NOTE: Do not use Quick Dam products with sea water. Saltwater reverses the effect of the activated gel inside the bags and barriers.

Once the water has receded, Quick Dam will begin to dry out on its own. This may take several weeks. Once dry, Quick Dam can be stored in a safe, dry place and used again when needed.

Keep the Water Outside

Storm Supply Check

Be ready to respond to severe weather with this easy-to-follow Storm Prep Checklist.

Be Prepared

Make sure your property is well-stocked to keep everything and everyone safe and protected.

Window and roof leaks, as well as water being tracked inside from flooded exteriors, can lead to property damage and potential safety concerns indoors as well. Reduce these risks by using Quick Dam’s Indoor Water Leak Kit. Designed to automatically expand on contact with water, these items will catch leaks quickly and stop water from spreading, reducing the risk of water damage and slip-and-fall injuries. This kit also works great to contain everyday lavatory, sink, or toilet leaks.

After the Storm

Once the storm has passed, make sure residents are safe and the property is back to looking its best:

  • Remove storm debris
  • Walk the property, make sure all walkways are clear and safe
  • Check for any damage to buildings, lights, outdoor equipment, or signage
  • Look for signs of leaks

Remove dirt and grime using Chadwell Supply’s Exclusive Power Wash

For more tips, tricks, and product knowledge to help with all your storm needs, visit Product Knowledge: Storm

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