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5 Tips For Terrific Turns



What does it take to deliver excellent turns every time? Planning, preparation, and a supplier partner you can trust to get you what you need when you need it. Here are 5 tips that deliver consistently successful turns for every unit on your make ready board.

When it comes to managing turns and getting a vacant unit ready for the next resident, preparation is key. Many people decide if they want to rent a unit less than a minute after they walk through the door. And most decide to renew—or not—in the first few weeks. That means successful turns come down to two key goals:

  1. Delivering a great first impression
  2. Making that impression last

Partnering with a supplier who understands your community, your residents, and their unique needs will set you up for success. Following these 5 Simple Turns Tips will help your team complete turns on time and make sure residents are ready to rent and excited to renew at the end of the lease.


Having commonly used Make Ready Essentials on hand will help your team stay on schedule and avoid turn delays, even on a tight timeline. Examples of common turns items include:


Adding a few key updates during a turn can elevate a potential resident’s perception of the unit’s value, offering a competitive advantage.

  • Stainless steel kitchen appliances deliver wow factor at a range of price points
  • Smart Lock locksets for entry doors (item #403516) add a modern touch and a secure feeling residents appreciate
  • On trend faucets and showerheads project a sense of style many residents are looking for
  • WiFi enabled smart thermostats transform an often-overlooked item into an eye-catching feature tech-savvy residents love 
  • USB charging outlets, especially in kitchens and bedrooms, offer added convenience
  • Long-lasting Color-Select LED lighting sets the right mood in every room 

What we smell when we walk into a space for the first time makes a huge impact on how comfortable we feel. Making the unit smell fresh and inviting will help potential residents feel right at home.

  • When painting a unit, replace the “new paint” smell with aromatic Scentsations paint additives
  • Change HVAC filters and rangehood filters so the air in the unit smells fresher
  • Remove any lingering odors by running an Ozone Odor Remover machine in the unit at least 48 hours before move-in 

We know that all mechanical things wear out and break, but when this happens to a new resident right after move-in, it leaves a lingering negative impression. Double-checking a few things during the final make ready review will catch many imminent maintenance issues before the residents do.

  • Electrical: Test outlets, switches, fans, cords, and plugs
  • Plumbing: Check fill lines, faucets, garbage disposals, and water heaters
  • Appliances: Test all plugs, bulbs, elements, and door seals
  • Hardware: Check hinges, drawers, knobs, pulls, and stops
  • HVAC: replace filter, check thermostat, drain lines, overflow pan, and float switch
  • Fire safety: Test smoke, carbon, and combination alarms, check extinguishers

Take advantage of Chadwell Supply’s easy-to-follow Property Turns Checklist. This essential make ready guide walks you through each area in a unit step-by-step.

  • Ensure a thorough review every time
  • Practical and simple to use
  • Be confident the unit is Resident Ready on move-in day.

For more tips, tricks, and product knowledge to help with all your painting & turns needs, visit Product Knowledge: Painting & Turns

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