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The faster a unit is made ready for the next resident, the more profitable that property will be. But timelines are not the only factor. Every make ready job is also an opportunity to increase the value of that unit. Including innovative products and ideas makes this process more efficient and effective.

5 Innovations That Deliver Quick, Profitable Turns

When measuring property profitability, make ready timelines are an important metric. The sooner a vacant unit is cleaned, repaired, and ready for the next resident, the more profitable that unit—and the property—will be. With market competition tightening, every turn also presents an opportunity to increase the income potential of a unit.

These innovative updates to 5 commonly needed turns items help maintenance teams get make ready jobs done faster and more efficiently, while increasing the profit potential of a unit.

1 – Drop in drains make lavatory updates quick and simple

Lavatory drain replacement can be fast and easy with two different drop-in drain replacement options. Choose a traditional or push-to-seal stopper design to match the existing bathroom sink fixture.

Watco IdealLav

Watco IdealLav

Fast installation

Removable grid strainer blocks clogs

Internal stopper for seamless operation

Pfister Push & Seal

Pfister Push & Seal

3 to 5-min. install

Compression lock for a “no tools” install

Available in chrome (pictured), brushed nickel #202340, and matte black #202330

2 – Patch drywall without spackle, paint immediately

DAP’s Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch saves time and takes the aggravation out of one of the most common make ready repairs: patching holes in drywall. Just place, peel, and paint—no spackle or sanding needed. Available in 2-, 4-, and 6-inch sizes, these easy-to-use adhesive patches cover holes fast and hold up well, providing long-lasting repairs you can trust.


3 – Lift and LatchTM to update garbage disposers fast

This commonly replaced plumbing fixture may not be the first item to comes to mind when thinking about fast, efficient turns, but the new Lift and Latch technology make these disposers fast and easy to install. Examples of high-quality FWD and Badger garbage disposers with this easy-to-install feature include:


4 – Brighten up the bathroom with an LED exhaust fan cover

Easily add beauty and warmth to one of the most accessed rooms in a unit with the easy-to-install Nutone® LED exhaust fan cover. Compatible with most existing fan housings, these lights deliver a bright, clean feel that lasts about 25,000 hours.

5 – Add a touch of modern style with a WiFi Thermostat

Including modern WiFi-connected thermostats in a turn increases perceived value. Many residents are looking for updated technology, and everyone appreciates the quality, style, and convenience. Here are some examples of the most popular and eye-catching WiFi-enabled thermostats.


Add these innovative items to your next turns order for a smoother, easier make ready process that increases the perceived value of the unit and gets the space move-in ready fast.

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