In the early 1970’s three brothers started with one dream—to build a business that valued their professions, community and most importantly, each other. This began a successful maintenance and repair operations (MRO) supply business spanning nearly four decades. The brothers successfully owned and operated Chad Supply until 1998, when they sold the company. However, they never completely removed themselves from the industry or the community. It wasn’t long before former customers and employees were encouraging them to re-start the business. Read the full story...

In 2007, their sons expressed an interest in starting the family business again, after all they had grown up in the MRO industry and worked in manufacturing with their fathers for several years. The newly named "Chadwell Supply" would operate under the same customer-centric principles as Chad Supply with the benefit of, modern technology and processes unavailable in the “Chad” days.  

In just eleven years, Chadwell Supply has grown to 12 branches serving customers across the nation. We have been recognized as the best MRO service provider in the multi-family industry and work hard to create value while maximizing net operating income (NOI). We want to be more than just a parts supplier, we want to be a trusted partner that you look to for solutions and information to make your job easier.

Since Chadwell Supply concentrates on multi-family, we understand the unique challenges of maintaining and managing properties while controlling expenses and keeping residents satisfied. From our legendary customer service and our knowledgeable sales staff to those who work behind the scenes to fulfill orders, we know the importance of supplying what you need quickly to keep things running smoothly. As a result, we keep over 10,000 multi-family SKU’s stocked within local warehouses and have over 99% of orders delivered in one shipment—making our fill rate #1 in the industry.

Welcome to the Chadwell Supply Family

We are family-owned business and we are proud of that fact. To us, being a family goes so far beyond ownership or the name on the trucks. It is about treating our customers as family too. We put people first and treat them the way we want to be treated ourselves. It sounds simple but it makes a huge difference.  The company is built on the following core values; these ideals are the foundation of the way we do business:

  • Selfless Giving
  • Knowledgeable
  • Morally Principled
  • Servant Leadership
  • Highly Motivated
  • Hardworking
  • Innovative
  • Loyalty

Our passion for the multifamily industry and for our customers is also expressed every day in local customer appreciation events, support for our local Apartment Associations, training opportunities through Chadwell University,  and in just a simple helping hand from a rep or delivery driver in the field.  We love going the extra mile in the communities we serve.

Chadwell Cares is a new initiative to celebrate the efforts and extraordinary dedication of our employees and provide even more opportunities for them to live out our shared values in their communities.

Exclusive Brands

Our Chadwell Supply exclusive brands are created to meet the specific needs of the multi-family industry. They offer quality and style, while providing value and a name you can trust.

BOLT & BEARING BLAZER products are quality, easy to install garbage disposals made for the multi-family industry.

BROTHERS AIR CONDITIONING products provide dependable, reliable cooling and heating at great prices.

FALL CREEK Coming Soon! A new faucet brand with classic style designed for the multi-family industry.

HUNTINGTON blinds provide quality options for the multi-family industry and can be custom cut to specific size requirements.

LUMERA LIGHT BULBS come in dozens of shapes, sizes, styles and wattage options to meet everyday lighting needs.

LUMERA LIGHTING fixtures are designed to help everything look better in the right light.

MARKSMAN plumbing tools, pressure washers, vacuums, and paint sprayers are designed to hit the mark on service and value.

MAXWELL grade 3 lock sets and door handles are a high quality, affordable option for multi-family properties. 

PUPPY GLOVE pet waste bags are an economical solution to helping maintain a clean property. 

RED SEAL toilet parts are designed to provide high-quality repairs at great prices.

SIMPLICITY plumbing parts make it simple to repair anything that water runs through.

SOF-TEE is an economical solution for your toilet tissue needs.

SPERE quality appliance parts, because the only thing not working should be you. 

WHITEFALLS kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures and parts offer value and style in many options and finishes without breaking the bank.

WHYR electrical parts are designed to maintain power flow in the multi-family industry.

YUKON supplies quality HVAC parts to keep you at the right temperature.