Current EPA Section 608 Regulations

Recent changes to EPA Section 608 regulations now require us to have an HVAC Technician EPA608 License on file for an employee at each property before we can sell refrigerant to that property. As of January 1, 2018, this restriction applies to all CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants; this includes all of the refrigerants we offer

Before purchasing refrigerant, please be sure that we have an EPA608 License on file for a current employee at your property. Email a copy (front and back) of the license to customerservice@chadwellsupply.com.

Please review this information from the EPA about the current regulations. You can also download our 2018 EPA Information Sheet for additional details below.

EPA608 Certification

Certification requires the passage of the EPA608 Exam. The exam includes 100 questions divided into four sections: Core, Type I, Type II, and Type III.  Passing requires scoring 70% or better on the Core plus one other section of the exam. Licensees can purchase refrigerant with any type EPA certification. 

Universal Certification requires passing all four sections of the exam. Licensees who have earned Type I, Type, II, and/or Type III certification can retake just the sections of the exam needed to complete all four sections for Universal Certification.

The EPA608 Exam can only be taken with a registered exam proctor. The proctor must remain with the tester throughout the two hours alloted for the exam for results to be valid.

Certification Option 1: Take a Class

Chadwell University offers an EPA608 Certification Class that includes a full day of instruction and review ending with the proctored exam. To find an EPA608 class near you, visit our online calendar. 

We partner with many Apartment Associations throughout the country to present the EPA608 training for their members. If you do not see an EPA608 class listed in your area on our calendar, contact your local Apartment Association for information about classes they may be offering or aware of near you. 

Certification Option 2: Self Study Prior to a Proctored Exam

You also have the option to study on your own prior to taking the EPA608 Exam. Contact your local Chadwell Supply Associate to find out the availability of a registered exam proctor near you.  Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of a proctor or an available test session in your area. You should establish a testing plan prior to beginning the self-study.

To begin the self-study plan, you can purchase the EPA608 Study Guide in English or Spanish. Be prepared to dedicate significant time to study. Prior to arranging a test session with your proctor, we recommend taking the online practice exams.