In an effort to be more energy efficient, light bulbs have been changing. In the early 2010’s, energy regulations began to be enforced. This meant incandescent light bulbs, which use high amounts of electricity, were being phased out for more energy-efficient options. By 2014 all standard, “old-style” A-Line bulbs could no longer be manufactured or imported into the United States. 

Prior to 2018, Chadwell Supply found we could offer customers an incandescent bulb with a Rough Service type filament and still be compliant with Department of Energy regulations. The laws have now changed and these bulbs can no longer be imported.  We will continue to offer our remaining Rough Service blubs until inventory is depleted; however, we encourage customers to adopt newer technologies as soon as possible.

Timeline of A-Line Incandescent Bulb Phase Out

Potential Savings from LED and Alternative Lighting Options

During this transition time, Chadwell Supply has worked hard to expand our energy-efficient lighting options. We have many bulb options available including Halogen, CFL and LED, as well as integrated LED fixtures. You might be surprised, how much money these alternatives can actually save!

Check out the example below and then ask your Chadwell Supply Representative for cost-effective lighting alternatives. If you’d like to find out the potential savings for your property, grab your bulb specs and go to luminance.us.com/ez-calculator to use their amazing calculator.

Savings from Switching to LED

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