Warranty Procedures

HVAC Equipment

A number of HFC refrigerants with properties similar to R-22 have been introduced in the service market that
include R-417a, R-422A/B/C/D, R-434A, R-421A, R414B and R438A/MO99. The capacity and efficiency of most of these
refrigerants are lower than R-22, while GWP values are significantly higher. Use of these HFC service refrigerant/
oil combinations may have an adverse impact on reliability and will void compressor or system warranties. Emerson
Climate Technologies does not approve any of the listed HFC R-22 like service refrigerants for air conditioning
applications of Copeland® brand compressors.

All Brothers units are covered under a 1-year parts warranty; all Goodman and Rheem units are covered under a
5-year parts warranty from the date of purchase. There is no labor warranty coverage to repair the equipment. If
equipment fails within the warranty period, the manufacturer will replace the defective part that caused the unit to
fail. It is the installer’s responsibility to identify the defective part, to remove and replace it with a new warranty part,
and complete the HVAC warranty form.

For Warranty Forms, please email warrantyexpress@chadwellsupply.com

Your warranty can be hassle-free by following these easy steps:
1. Validate your purchase date.
2. Determine which part is defective.
3. Call Customer Service at 888-341-2423 with the model, serial number,installation date, and invoice number.
4. When the replacement part arrives, your driver will exchange the new part for the defective part. Please
make sure to give the completed HVAC Warranty Form to your driver. All forms must be 100% completed and
submitted within 30 days of service failure before warranty credits can be processed. Credit will be issued to
your account automatically, once approved by the manufacturer.

The process above covers all HVAC equipment such as condensing units, heat pumps, air handlers, furnaces,
coils and compressors.

Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem water heater tanks and parts are covered with a 6-year warranty against leaks and defects.
Call Customer Service at 888-341-2423 with the model, serial number, installation date, and invoice number.
The rating plate (ID tag) must be removed from the defective water heater as it and the replacement
information from the new water heater are required to complete warranty papers and customer account

Your Chadwell Supply delivery driver will exchange a new water heater for the rating plate from the defective
unit and completed warranty paperwork. We do not need, nor will we remove the defective unit.


(GE, Hotpoint, Whirlpool & Amana)
Appliances carry a 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturers require that defective appliances be
handled by the manufacturer’s repair technician. To schedule a repair, call the numbers listed below:
GE/ Hotpoint Warranty Number: (800) 432-2737
Whirlpool /Amana Warranty Number: (800) 253-1301

Motorola Products

Motorola Repair Form

Motorola Warranty Form