We'll match any color!

We have partnered with PPG Industrial to be a full service provider of both interior and exterior paints as well as masonry sealers and stains. Give us your paint color and we will match it and send you a sample. With your color pre-matched, all you have to do is call in and order your paint number and we'll deliver it when you need it.  Easy!

With PPG's Aquacron Intermix Tinting System we can match any color you need right in our warehouse!

  • We will custom mix one quart of paint and deliver it to your for testing.
  • Once confirmed, we will keep your color permanently on file for you.
  • We will deliver five gallon buckets of flat, semi-gloss, or eggshell finish paints to you in 5-7 days.

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For more information about custom tinting, email our Paint Department or call 888-341-2423.