Pool Closing in 3 Easy Steps

As Labor Day passes, it also means it is time to close the pool for many around the country.  While this may cause some residents to cry, pool techs may be rejoicing in secret. You can ensure an easy spring startup when you close your pool correctly!


GLB Filter Cleanse GLB Oxy-Brite Non Chlorine Shock Oxidizer GLB Algimycin 2000 Algaecide GLB Sequa-Sol Rust and Stain Aid 18" Floor & Wall Pool Brush GLB Sanitizer Algimycin 2000 GLB Sequa-Sol Rust and Stain Aid

First, prepare the equipment.

  • Brush pool walls and floor. Vacuum any debris from the pool floor.
  • Clean the filter with GLB® Filter Cleanse.

Next, treat the water.

  • Add Oxy-Brite® non-chlorine shock oxidizer (1 lb. per 10,000 gals.) to destroy organic contaminants.
  • Add Algimycin® 2000 (32 fl. oz. per 10,000 gals. for solid-covered pools, 64 fl. oz. per 10,000 gallons for mesh-covered or uncovered pools) to prevent algae growth throughout the winter.
  • Add GLB® Sequa-Sol® sequestering agent (use the initial dose of 16 fl. oz. per 10,000 gals.) to protect the pool from stains and scale formation. Allow water to circulate for 12-24 hours.

Then, prepare for freezing.

  • After cleaning and treating the pool, lower the water if you are in an area where the water must be lowered due to freezing conditions.
  • Drain all water from pipes, pumps, heaters, filters and other pool equipment according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Cover pool as necessary.

Mild Climate Tips

If in a mild climate where the pool is left full and uncovered, refer to the manufacturer’s directions regarding filter operation.  Regularly add your GLB® sanitizer (chlorine), Algimycin® 2000 algaecide and GLB® Sequa-Sol® sequestering agent.

Print or download these tips to share or to use as reference.