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3 Ways to Streamline a Unit Upgrade



Discover three powerful strategies to streamline your unit upgrades and maximize returns on your capital investment. Learn how Chadwell Supply's CHADPak, organized supply packing, and simplified project management can save time and trim hours off your renovation project timeline.


Learn How to Streamline Unit Upgrades for Faster Turns

When completing a unit upgrade, time is money. The faster the work is finished, the faster that unit can be occupied and begin delivering a return on the capital investment. Here are three ways to streamline workflow, so the refresh is finished on schedule and starts paying off fast.

1 – Pack the order by unit

When working through a big renovation project, having to sort through a supply order to find out which items are meant for which unit wastes a lot of time. Chadwell Supply solves that problem for customers by packing their renovation orders by unit. Receive what you need for the unit refresh in a single box, called a CHADPak, that is delivered directly to the unit. Everything your team needs is right there where they need it.

2 – Organize supplies by category

Packing an order by unit is practical and efficient. Having your supplies organized in the shipping box in the order they will be installed takes that efficiency to another level*. The team doing the work can open the box and pull items right off the top, based on their workflow or specific trade, checking off the delivery ticket as they unpack each item.

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3 – Simplify project management

Another way to streamline a unit refresh is by making management tasks, such as responding to invoices, as simple and practical as possible. Renovation invoices should:

  • Be customized to fit your system and pre-matched to your GL codes.
  • Match the order on the delivery ticket for easy inventory checks.
  • Get billed after the full order is shipped or delivered.

*Custom packaging options available in select markets.

Streamlining each of these processes saves a little bit of time on a single unit upgrade, and it will trim hours—possibly days—off a longer renovation project timeline. Watch this video for more on how Chadwell Supply’s dedicated Renovation team makes unit upgrades easier.

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